Ms. Green founded n-Link Corporation as an information technology services firm with the vision of becoming 95% employee owned. Her particular interest in economic development, empowerment, and controlling one’s own destiny was the driving force for n-Link’s employee-ownership culture. n​-Link started by first mentoring and founding three other information technology services firms that were owned by three different tribal entities in three different states.

In just 10 years of forming the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), n-Link became 100% ESOP owned. The firm grew to over 150 employee-owners throughout the US, Puerto Rico, and Korea.

The company culture is based on appreciation, respect, trust, good compensation, great benefit package and consistent communications with its employee owners.


Ms. Green graduated with a Master of Science degree under the Department of Electrical Engineering from UMASS - Lowell with a concentration in Communications and Information Systems. She started her career at MITRE Corporation as a broadband design engineer. In 1984, she took a Project Management position at Planning Research Corporation and led the formation of a new business area called Computer Acquisition Logistics Support (CALS). In 1987, she joined an upstart 8(a) firm as their VP of Business Development growing revenue from $2M to over $200M in just six years. She started n-Link in 1995 in Washington State and moved the company's headquarters to Bend, Oregon in 2007.


CORE VALUES - Integrity, Honor, Teamwork and Ownership

Integrity and Honor are the Core Values that solidly build a company’s reputation for long-term sustainability and success. Our company’s reputation as a trusted partner opens avenues of opportunity has helped n-Link grow in value to our employee owners, customers, and partners.

Teamworkdrives our employee owners to successfully build this company together.

Ownership in the form of responsibility and accountability is the key to thinking like an owner. To make ownership a reality, our company shares corporate successes by contributing company stock. This has transformed our company from being majority owned by our founder to being employee owned.

n-Link founder, Sandy Green, shares how the vision for the company has expanded growth since 1995.

​​​​​n-Link Corporation

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